We have set up Litevibe Marketing Limited to assist schools, clubs and organisations with their fund-raising requirements. We, as parents, know just how hard it is to meet the day to day running costs of funding for activities, trips, tournaments, uniforms and equipment etc.
We are able to offer products that you will be able to on sell as a fundraiser for your particular school, club or organisation. Though we have access to various products, we are currently offering the Infinity Pro Power Band as a fundraiser. But if you see a product on our web site that you would like to use for fundraising, please contact us to discuss further.

After confirmation by you of your fundraising start and finish date, we will send to you the appropriate number of order packs, at no cost to you. After a set period of time (usually two or three weeks ) the total order will be forwarded to Litevibe Marketing Ltd for processing.

The funds that you raise from this can be quite substantial. From our experience, this is a great way of obtaining funds for whatever the purpose, not like the same old, same old chocolate bars etc where you have to sell mutitudes for little gain

All of the products that we are and will be offering will have the standard manufacturer’s warranty and will also be covered by the consumer guarantees act.
Full payment for the complete order (less your percentage ) must be direct credited to Litevibe Marketing Ltd prior to any order being shipped to you. Other arrangements can be made for special circumstances.
A tax invoice will be issued with every complete order but not for individual items.
Please contact us by email to discuss any queries that you may have. We endeavour to assist you in your fundraising efforts where ever possible.

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Thank you

Terry and Bev

Litevibe Marketing Ltd

** DISCLAIMER : Litevibe Marketing Limited does not make any medical claims pertaining to and including any of the products listed on this site.  These are not a cure or a substitute for any prescribed medicines and or remedies advised to you by any medical practicioner or medical specialist. The products for sale on this website are offered to the public as a personal addition to the health and well being of the purchaser and the purchaser understands that these products are not a prescribed medical alternative. Published as at 7th March 2016.